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We manufacture generic orthopedic insoles available to all public and customization is available to podiatrist and foot health care providers only. The Generic insoles (over-the-counter orthotics) are made in various configurations if you experience severe pain or discomfort consult your doctor and ask about the right orthotic or treatment for you. Please note that generic insoles are an inexpensive way to provide some comfort and that custom orthotics is the best for treating more effectively your foot symptoms. Custom orthotics are more expensive and are dispensed by foot care providers. The cost of a custom orthotic plus office visit, casting, and other charges tend to increase the total cost paid by you, All our orthopedics are hand made and assembled here in USA.  But like they say pictures are worth thousands of words, so check out some of our work!

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Generic orthotics, orthopedic insoles and custom arch supports


Accommodative padding to prefabricated

Custom orthotics

Custom made orthotics from cast or foam

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Orthopedic materials

Materias we use on our orthopedic insoles

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Custom Foot Orthotic Refurbish Service

Renew your custom foot orthotics for a fraction of the price.

Flat Series Insoles – By Legion Orthopedics

Flat insoles are easy to order and replace