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Flat Series Insoles – By Legion Orthopedics


Flat insoles are easy to order and replace, if your current insoles are worn out or if you need just new insoles for extra or more cushioning, these insoles are for you.

Our insoles are cut in full US sizes with optional custom trimming, we can cut the insole to the exact shape / contour that you provide us. There is a guide on how to make the drawing of your insoles on the Forms and Brochures page or by clicking Here.

We have all the widths available in US sizes

  • 4A – Very Narrow
  • 2A – Narrow
  • B – Narrow ( most used in female shoes )
  • D – Regular ( most used in male shoes )
  • 2E – Wide
  • 4E – Extra Wide

The insoles are made of flat pieces of material or combination of materials to achieve other thickness or a different level of cushioning

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