Custom Insoles and arch supports – Legion Orthopedics LLP

Forms and brochures

Download and view forms for ordering our available orthopedic insoles – the custom/extra padding is available for foot care providers and health care doctors. Also, you can view and print brochures and related content.

All files are in *PDF format if printing order forms use plain paper and use thick paper or presentation paper when printing brochures,  for best results use semi-gloss paper.

*PDF files can be viewed with Adobe Reader or other PDF viewer programs. You can view the file using your internet browser like Explorer or Chrome and then save it on your computer. Use a laptop or computer to view the forms, smartphones may not display PDF forms.

Download PDF-Xchange Viewer for free at

Download Adobe Reader 11 for free at or on their website.

  • Flat Series Insoles order form – View and print order form for mailing with check or money order.
  • Refurbish Easy Form – View and print form for mailing foot orthotics, orthopedic insoles for restoration service.
  • Shoe Sizes – Conversion Chart – View / Download chart containing the length of the insoles in US sizes with measurements in inches and centimeters. Use as a reference for ordering our insoles.
  • Shoe Sizes – Offset center – Chart contains measurements for reference ordering. used mostly on dress or formal shoes with narrow heel, wide at metatarsal heads area and narrow tip.
  • How to draw insoles – View or download a guide on how to make an insole template.
  • BasicSeries Order form – View / Download a file for ordering Orthopedic insoles of the Basic Series. Complete the form and send it by E-mail, fax o regular mail. If requesting pockets or special padding send us the cast or template for correct location or average/standard location will be applied. If you were sending the template by fax write measurements for the location of pockets, some fax machine might reduce original size.
  • Shell length – BasicSeries letters -View approximate measurements of the shell/base used in the BasicSeries pre-fabricated Foot Orthotics. It is more recommendable to use the Kit to verify more accurately what size fits better to your patient’s foot arch.
  • BasicSeries Brochure – View / Download the Brochure of the Basic Series orthopedic insoles
  • Shell Length – Polypropylene – View / Download the brochure related to the measurements of the Pre-made orthotic base.