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Custom Foot Orthotic Refurbish Service

Renew your custom foot orthotics for a fraction of the price.

This service is for orthotic refurbishment, we refurbish/renew orthotics that has a solid base or plate made of plastic or hard foam. Please see pictures for reference, if your orthopedic insole is very soft and flexible (no rigid parts on it),  then it cannot be refurbished. We may apply only a cover on top made of soft foams or if it is almost flat it can use all types of covers without removing any part.

We are a generic and custom insole manufacturing company; we sell flat insoles, pre-made arch supports, and we can make custom foot orthotics following a prescription form from a podiatrist or a professional foot care provider. Note that custom orthotics is expensive based on doctor’s office visit, evaluation, foot impressions or casting. Orthotics fabrication and other services and fees that add up to hundreds of dollars for just a pair of custom foot orthotics.

This service requires you to send us your foot orthotics to the address below with a tracking number, once received we can confirm the type of service, and then you can pay. Or if you prefer, you can pay first and then send the orthotics. Your refurbished orthotics will be ready to ship back to you within three days after received, and payment has been made. If ordering a new extra pair, it may take five business days., We will notify you via E-mail from the date of receiving your orthotics. If you have questions, please send E-mail, we will reply as soon as possible. We recommend US Postal service.

Table of basic refurbishment service and duplicate (optional)

new cover on top of old only(1) Replace covers only (2) Replace top paddings with cover (3) Renew bottom post only (4) Renew bottom arch fill only ( 5 ) Restore all (6) Make a New pair similar to pair sent. Short Length  (7) Make new pair similar to pair sent. Full Length (8)
$30.00 USD $40.00 USD $60.00 USD $30.00 USD $40.00 USD $130.00 USD $160.00 USD $190.00 USD


  1. A new cover will be applied on top of orthotic. Nothing will be removed, send a specific note on what type of cover you want, up to ¼” inch thick, consider the toe box room of your intended shoes to wear using the orthotics.
  2. A new cover will be applied after removing the old one (if possible). Send note what cover would you like to choose, 1/8” neoprene ( similar to spenco), 1/16” or 1/8” thick foam with vinyl., 1/6” or 1/8” or ¼” foams. Or select cover as old or similar to old. Please note if under the cover the orthotic has other paddings like heel cushioning pad, metatarsal bar, pockets or other types of paddings. An extra charge of 15.00 will be applied to put similar paddings unless you chose not to restore those components (not recommended). This part will suffer damage when separating/removing the old cover, and we won’t reused. Some just break apart in the process so cannot be reused nor be glued back.
  3. A similar cover to the old one will be applied plus additional paddings similar to the old ones. For example heel cushioning pad, spurs, arch pad, pockets, etc.
  4. A new similar post will be applied on the bottom of the orthotic after removing the old one. Is recommended when the old post is compressed, has lost the original shape or the original degrees have been compromised due to normal wear and use of the orthotics. If the post is in good or excellent shape, there is no need to replace them.
  5. A new bottom arch fill made of soft foam or similar to the old one will be applied after removing the old one. The purpose of and arch fill under the main base is to provide more support and at the same time keep some flexibility depending the hardness of the material used. If the bottom fill looks in bad shape then can be a good idea to replace it.
  6. A whole restoration will be done except main base or plate, choose this option if not sure about the components of your orthotics. Let us restore it to a similar like new condition with similar materials, paddings and covers, and bottom components if needed.
  7. A new pair will be produced to similar sent if the old orthotic is a short one, also known as met heads or metatarsal length. The old pair must be refurbished so we can take measurements of the base or plate of the orthotic.
  8. A new pair in full length will be made similar to the old one, the old pair must be refurbished to take measurements of the base.

If you have any question or concern, please contact us by mail, E-mail or fax.

Please send E-mail to notify us if you sent your orthotics to give them priority.

*Disclaimer: If you are experiencing pain or severe discomfort of your feet, or if you have broken skin or ulcerations, please visit your Podiatrist or health care provider to treat your medical condition before ordering our service, you may need a re-evaluation on the use of your current foot orthotics.

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